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Macil Global provides highly specialised investigation services to the private, corporate, insurance, legal, and government sectors. We were approached to redesign their website to better represent the success they’ve seen over the years.

Launch Website
Macil Digital Branding Website Strategy

Approach Reflect and refresh

We conducted a discovery exercise with Macil’s leadership team to assess the pain points of their previous website and to determine what opportunities there may be. Through this process, we uncovered that the brand was not clearly defined and there were no guidelines for how it should be represented. Our collective experience as a UI/UX design agency has helped incorporate elements, developed in collaboration with the Macil team, to build on their visual branding for use in their new custom website.

Outcome Switched on

We established their overarching identity to be “Switched On”, which would inform the verbal and visual branding. Now that we had the foundation for a visual style, we tailored their custom website to borrow unique traits from this concept.

Macil Digital Branding Strategy
Metropolitan area

Results x3 increase in unique visitors

Since their new website went live, Macil saw an immediate response with a significant increase in search engine conversions and enquiries. The final design of the website now depicted Macil in a manner befitting of their specialised status amongst the global players in their industry.

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