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Introducing Happy Real Estate

  • Website Design and Hosting
  • UX Optimisation
  • Automated CRM Integration
  • Agent eCards
  • IT Consultancy

Happy is a real estate agency that strives to understand the importance of their clients’ needs and genuinely value the opportunity to be a part of their journey. To communicate this through their website redesign, we focused on the UX/User Experience as we always do. However, we placed specific emphasis on refining Happy’s particular client experiences based on real-world user feedback gathered from agency stakeholders. The result was a website that was automated, feature-rich, easy to use for both the agency and its clients.

We also included digital agent cards with our deliverables to complement of the progressive approach Happy has undergone. These eCards enable Happy’s clients to instantly save agent contact information, and information can be dynamically be updated without altering the QR code. So rather than printing batches of disposable cards, this solution saves time and money.

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