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Introducing Bowden’s Own

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Bowden’s Own is a proudly Australian and family-run car care company. Founded on a passion for motorsport and race cars in 2002, Bowden’s Own specialises in the local development and manufacture of premium car care formulas, each blended and filled by hand. Dearly loved by Australian enthusiasts alike, the brand has established a strong presence across Australia.

Bowden’s Own contacted us to design labels, packaging, and collateral for their upcoming lineup of new car care products.

Four products on a white background: Bowden's Own Shagtastic Wash Pad, Green Sucker, Nanolicious Wash, and Boss Gloss

Approach From the ground up

Bowden’s Own has a solid historical pedigree and reputation. To that end, the client did not require us to redesign their current brand identity system. With over 30 new product releases, our team had to focus on providing quality graphic design efficiently and effectively.

At its core, our team’s objective was to capture the brand’s whimsical personality into attractive packaging that stands out on retail shelves. Thus, we designed each label to showcase the brand’s tongue-in-cheek humor while supplying simple-to-follow instructions.

Facilitating their end-to-end production, from product design to print, we worked collaboratively with Bowden’s Own purveyors and partners throughout the project’s lifecycle. Strictly abiding by our internal quality protocols, we worked closely with them to ensure that all printed packaging met our exacting standards

Outcome Branding for the Bold

Bold and daring, our newly developed packaging accurately reflects the brand’s quirky persona in packaging that informs and educates its audience about the innumerable merits of its new product ranges.

Outstanding Design in Record Time
Using project and time management software, Click-Up, we tightly manage deadlines by closely monitoring what needs to be completed according to their respective priority levels.

In spite of tight deadlines, all of our original designs perfectly coincided with the rollout of Bowden’s Own new products without delay. From start to finish, we delivered speedy turnaround times without compromising quality.

On a white background, a comparison is shown between two items. One in the old packaging and the updated version, which is larger than the previous one
Numerous different products from Browden's Own on a white background

Results Stocking the Store Shelves

Bowden’s Own new products were rolled out nationwide, lining the shelves of Australia’s largest car care distributors (Autobahn, Super Cheap Auto, Repco, Auto One, Auto Pro, etc.). Proudly showcasing its Australian heritage, our original packaging expands upon the titular brand’s lasting legacy and longstanding influence.

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