Supercharging a new brand identity

Introducing LeanSuits

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  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • IT Consulting

LeanSuits is a Brisbane-based fitness studio specialising in electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) technology for an efficient and effective workout. Harnessing the fat-burning potential of EMS, the studio combined high-intensity interval training (HIIT) classes with EMS-equipped bodysuits for twice the results in half the time.

However, LeanSuits was experiencing significant bounces and persistent disinterest amongst its target demographic. Therefore, its founder reached out to us to address those challenges in the top-down refresh of the company’s branding and website.

Woman wearing her workout clothing and striking a pose

Approach From the ground up

Upon further investigation, we discovered the Leansuits logomark and soft colour palette were not aligned with the owner’s overarching vision. Leansuits needed to re-evaluate its brand identity and strategy to better cater to and connect with its fitness-focused audience.

Based on our industry research, we pursued a top-down brand redesign, repositioning Leansuits to match the competitive fitness industry it resides. To achieve this, we refreshed all existing digital assets like their logomark, digital iconography, and primary colours. We further adjusted all customer-facing copy to reflect their newly-established brand system.

However, the rebranding exercise was not limited to their brand’s collateral. Our team sought to revitalise the end-user digital experience, optimising their website’s front-end and back-end for heightened visitor retention and strengthened lead generation.

Outcome A Befitting Brand

Revitalised and refreshed, LeanSuits’ “electric neon” branding appeals to the expectations, preferences, and tastes of the fitness market. The fiery zeal and liveliness of the redesigned brand equally inspire beginners as it does intermediate fitness fans with its frontier-pushing EMS technology. We have helped the LeanSuits brand soar to new heights with our top-to-bottom redesign.

An iPhone with Instagram open, displaying three graphic ads for LeanSuits showing a woman wearing boxing gloves, a woman wearing workout clothes, and a man riding a bicycle
On a green background, a woman exercising with kettlebell equipment while wearing exercise clothing

Results Class-Leading Lead Generation

The reimagined LeanSuits brand identity has proven to be a relentless success. Since deployment, LeanSuits’ new website has attracted over 500+ unique visitors and a high conversion rate. LeanSuits has emerged as a highly competitive fitness brand destined for long-term success.

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