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Introducing Belgotex

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Belgotex Australia is a leading, high-quality manufacturer of floors and fabrics with a strong emphasis on groundbreaking innovation, class-leading sustainability, and unrivaled customer service. An international leader, Belgotex Australia is one of many textile companies vertically integrated under their parent company, Belgotex International.

The team at Belgotex Australia approached us to develop their domestic branding strategy to better resonate with Australian audiences. In addition, they sought our ongoing assistance in the frontend and backend development of their current website.

Approach A fresh brand

On that basis, we conducted an in-depth brand workshop with Belgotex’s executive and operational stakeholders. Upon completion, Vesanique’s team uncovered severe inconsistencies within the brand’s representation and messaging in Australia. The existing brand that Belgotex Australia had inherited did not resonate with the domestic target audience.

Following that, Vesanique’s goal was to refresh Belgotex Australia’s branding without obscuring its global reputation as a leading floors and fabrics manufacturer, better connecting the brand with local residential and commercial audiences.

The information we gathered from their brand workshop informed our team’s creative direction and the trajectory of Belgotex Australia’s branding and website development. Accordingly, we developed refreshed visual and verbal branding strategies, positioning Belgotex Australia as an organisation passionate about people and the planet.

Upon completing their new brand, we adopted a ground-up approach towards formulating an exciting and user-friendly website for the Belgotex flooring business. Focusing on the customer journey, we sought to craft a digital experience centered around ease of understanding, navigation, and reduced load times.

Brand Icon

Division Stamp

Division Logomark

Outcome A Brand for Australia

Belgotex Australia’s redeveloped branding excellently frames the brand’s intangible strengths to the Australian marketplace, allowing them to build its domestic namesake and attract fresh eyes to the pioneering brand.

Today, the Belgotex Australia brand is a market-relevant portrayal of the brand’s fundamental attributes: commensurate with the brand’s enduring legacy and global affluence.

By aligning the brand’s core messaging, Belgotex Australia is now in a position of strength to scale operations and expand upon its domestic influence.

Results A Personal Experience

User empathy and customer understanding form the heart of excellent UI/UX design. Re-evaluating Belgotex Australia’s UX strategy, the user experience has been simplified and personalised through targeted quality-of-life improvements. Prioritising substance over style, maximising convenience for the end consumer is Vesanique’s primary goal.

Individual landing pages tailored to the commercial and residential sectors have been created to better communicate information straightforwardly.

Copy has been deliberately streamlined, delivering important information in an easy-to-digest format. The website’s sitemap prioritises the facilitation of information retention and convenient navigation between each subpage.

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