Responsibility. Loyalty. Coffee.

Introducing Coffee 4 Change

  • Visual Branding
  • UI/UX Strategy
  • App Design

In keeping with the parent brand identity, Project 4 Change, Coffee 4 Change (C4C) was designed with its own meaningful elements. The C4C icon is grounded in community involvement and collaboration, which is historically centred around the fire-pit. The modern version of this concept is the cafe, bringing people & ideas together for a common good, so the icon was designed to incorporate these 3 core elements.

Vesanique website redesign portfolio for coffee4change

Approach Meaningful Mission

The colour was specifically selected to appeal to the those who appreciate the joy of a journey, human connections, and the taste of a well made cup. The orange is symbolic of energy and the start of a journey, the coffee brown is symbolic of the core ingredient that gives the brand life, and the accent green honours the earth and those that produce the beans that we so enjoy.

When all of these elements are paired with the elegant simplicity of the supporting brand system, we achieve memorable marketability through these identifiable visuals.

Outcome Building a community

The pillars behind the brand identity and strategy is targeted at generating interest and building a community of like-minded individuals in support of the venture, with plans for expansion into other industries.

Vesanique web design agency brisbane portfolio for coffee4change

Results Phase 2 Funding

By presentating the completed designs for the app and primary visuals, C4C was also able to gather the support needed to continue on to the development and eventual release of the application.

Vesanique Digital Agency Brisbane Portfolio for Coffee4Change
Vesanique Branding Agency Brisbane Portfolio for Coffee4Change
Vesanique Full Service Digital Agency Brisbane Portfolio for Coffee4Change

Conceptual mockups used to showcase the potential implementation of the brand identity’s illustrative style across traditional and digital mediums.

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