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Introducing Illira Group

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  • Brand Strategy
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We worked with Illira Group (formerly IPS Group) to establish a name and brand identity that would direct the brand’s progression. Forming a clear direction for verbal and visual communications was key to discovering a unique brand mark.

Ilira group designed by full service digital agency vesanique

Approach From the ground up

Drawing inspiration from the aboriginal word, ‘illira’, translating to hut (shelter), the brandmark embodies multiple concepts effectively combined to communicate the brand’s vision. With ‘Guiding Light’ being the big idea/core identity, the ‘Signal Flare’ icon incorporates secondary symbolism such as community (the hut), knowledge and training (the brain), protection and preparedness (the umbrella), and response/engagement (the flare).

The asymmetrical positioning of the icon over the i’s in the wordmark represents the idea that public safety starts and ends with Illira, establishing the brand as an eventual industry leader. The colours chosen were derived from the geographic overview of Australia where the company was founded.

Outcome Rapid expansion

With the branding exercise covering external as well as internal perception management, Illira was able to rapidly progress and has doubled in size in just a few months. They now have the capacity to quickly act on new opportunities as they arise.

Results Strong industry partnerships

Having a strong brand opens many doors. Illira was able to leverage their brand’s presence to partnership with industry stakeholders. This is just one of the many ways a thoroughly developed brand identity enabled Illira to achieve their goals.

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