Niche athleisure wear brand

Introducing RAMM FIT

  • Visual Brand Expansion
  • Verbal and Visual Brand Strategy
  • Advertising Campaign Concepts
  • Custom Shopify Website Design
  • Product Design Concepts
  • Brand Management Consultancy

RAMM FIT is a unique brand of apparel that is functional, stylish and durable, with a goal to inspire men to become the best version of themselves. The ‘big idea’ used to encapsulate the brand and guide its future is “be true to oneself”. Inspired by Gandhi’s “10 rules for changing the world”, this big idea acts as the foundation for the brand’s personality and drives all communication with its stakeholders.

Launch Website
rammfit billboard design by vesanique

Approach Brand expansion

RAMM FIT needed a brand design expert to expand its visual and verbal identity for various applications and cater to key personas within its target market. The only prerequisites set by the client were the existing icon and naming had to remain unchanged through the branding exercise.

We set out to develop a wordmark, monogram and supporting iconography which would complement the existing icon and bolster the premium feel and memorability of the RAMM FIT brand. The look and feel of the visual refresh extended to all collateral, apparel, and digital assets including their new custom website based on the Shopify platform.

Outcome Starting a global brand

We successfully developed a brand identity system that has allowed RAMM FIT to cement itself as a truly global brand with loyal customers from around the world.

Results Increased brand equity

The brand system we created consists of an identifiable colour palette, a suite of brand symbols for the various product lines, and a tone of voice for written/verbal communications. Utilising these assets will allow them to tap into the unconverted potential within their customer base.

Results Ecommerce Shopify Store

The Shopify store we built for RAMM FIT is nearing its launch and based on initial consumer feedback, the new look and experience is projected to drive traffic and sales in volumes that the brand has yet to experience.

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