New face of holistic health

Introducing Phi-Health

  • Branding
  • Stationery and Branded Collateral
  • Website Design Concept
  • Clinic Facade Concept
  • Brand Management Consultancy

Phi-Health strives to be ‘the’ iconic brand of premium quality, full-service health in Australia. With this mission in mind, the brand’s Phi icon was developed using concentric circles which are strategically customised to give the impression of depth and a single continuous line. The use of the outer circle symbolises Phi-Health’s holistic service offering, providing clients with almost everything they could want or need from a health care establishment. This symmetry provides a structure that is timeless and recognisable regardless of its application.

Approach Less is more

Phi Health needed a health care branding expert to execute its vision for a premium aesthetic requiring minimalist treatment. Drawing from brands that inspire him, we worked with natural materials & textures and paired them with the greyscale brand palette for a sophisticated finish.

Outcome Comprehensive health practice

The resulting brand is more welcoming with a touch of luxury and an air of exclusivity. This is further supported by the clinic’s facade, interior, website design concepts. With Phi-Health’s mission to make its mark in Australia’s health industry, we are proud to have played such a pivotal role in its evolution. A phased approach was taken for the brand roll-out, starting with BeautiPhi as the primary sub-brand. This will be the first of many departmental websites and branches that will complement the brand’s core business as it grows.

Results IT Solutions and procurement

We worked with Walid to assess the clinic’s needs in order to facilitate the procurement of the server hardware necessary for optimal operations. The systems not only needed to be integrated but powerful enough to match the rapid expansion of the Phi-Health.

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