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Time for a Change: Register your .au Domain Names

The Federal Government is encouraging Australian businesses to adopt shorter domain names. Thus, from 24 March 2022, “.au” domain names will be available for businesses to reserve until 20 September 2022. No one likes change; businesses simply expect things to stay the same. But change presents an opportunity for growth and innovation. So, who’s game for a domain name change?

Hang on! What’s a domain name?

A domain name simply refers to your website address.

2 common examples include:

  • www.website.com.au
  • www.website.org.au

The government recommends that the above examples be changed to:

  • www.website.au

Why should I make the change?

Who, what, where, when, why and how do I change my domain name?

At first glance, this isn’t exactly riveting on a slow news day.

In practice, a shorter .au domain name brings plenty of benefits to the table! Here are 2 of the main benefits worth noting:

  1. Short and sweet:
    Generally, website visitors easily remember consistently short .au domain names. By backspacing those few letters, a shorter domain name leaves a stronger, lasting impression. Accordingly, easier recollection equates to more website visits!

  2. Improved Google rankings:
    A “.au” domain name helps Google to identify where your business operates. Doing so improves your rankings in local searches organically, and accurately matches your clients’ searches to your business.

What happens if I don’t?

Learn to say no, leadership skill to manage workload, refuse to do wrong thing or time management concept, confidence businessman speak out loud on megaphone to his boss with the word No

At Vesanique, we believe that adding the .au domain name to your portfolio puts your business at a huge advantage! But what happens if you don’t? These are the 2 main consequences:

  1. Higher bounce rates:
    Website visitors may expect you to make the name change. Hence, they would start searching for your website with the shorter .au domain name, even if you haven’t made the swap. Consequently, your website’s bounce rates would increase significantly, driving precious website traffic to your competitors!

  2. Get in before your competitors:
    Registering the .au domain name doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to change your current website to the new name. Our team can add a redirect from the .au name to your primary domain. It’s best to have the domain name under your control, ensuring that your competitors don’t get there before you.

Changing your domain name clearly gives you a first-mover advantage. Hence, why not take this opportunity to step ahead of the competition?

It’s time for a domain name change! Where do I start?

Female business owner unsure of how to change their shorter their domain name to .au

To reserve your .au domain name, you may do so with 1 of 34 registrars accredited by auDA, the .au Domain Administration Limited, or you can let Vesanique do the heavy lifting.

Time is far more precious than money; once spent, it can never be retrieved. For that reason, any time spent fussing over domain names is a distraction from your core offerings. However, this is just one of the many technical hurdles that businesses face on a day-to-day basis. And that’s where Vesanique fits in this story.

As a tech-focused agency, domain management is part and parcel of what Vesanique brings to the table. We are an approved partner of an Australian registrar, this means we can register, transfer or renew your entire domain portfolio. Unlike our competitors, Vesanique offers ongoing domain management and state-of-the-art cyber-security affordances. 

Above all, our knowledgeable team is equipped to manage all back-end operations, while you manage the front-of-house. Vesanique’s got all your digital bases covered, from web design down to SEO.

Starting on a clean slate!

Group of casually dressed business people discussing a full rebrand, using the domain name change as an opportunity to do so

A change in a domain name presents an opportunity for an impactful rebrand! So, you should start afresh by letting us conduct a brand audit, strategically identifying how your brand communications can be improved, or reworked in a meaningful way. Vesanique’s comprehensive approach covers all marketing aspects of your business, leaving no stone unturned.

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