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Impactful Rebranding: Getting with the times

An impactful rebranding is one that re-aligns a business’s identity to accurately reflect its changing values. At Vesanique, we recognise the importance of carving a distinct identity in an already crowded marketplace chockful of companies. Therefore, a rebrand is sometimes necessary to not just distinguish yourself from the competition but to capture the heart of your business. As a result, Vesanique has practised what it preached, undergoing our very own complete rebrand. Here’s how our story unfolded…

Big things come in small beginnings.
This is how our journey began…

Vesanique, a digital agency based in Brisbane, was born out of a passion for empowering businesses, equipping them with the knowledge and digital tools to scale their business. Initially, our desire was to offer industry-leading digital solutions, making our services more affordable for small to medium businesses via outsourced talent.

As our client list grew, we recognised that the creative and digital services industry lacked a personalised touch. Moreover, we realised that our generalised approach hampered our ability to service our clients with more complex needs. Not all clients are made equal!

Thus, this major epiphany presented us with an opportunity to reinvent ourselves through an impactful rebranding. Since then, Vesanique has completely restructured, focusing our efforts on professional branding and digital services through our localised team in sunny Brisbane.

Logo evolution of Vesanique- before and after during rebranding process
Vesanique's new logo after rebranding

So, how does rebranding make us any different now?

Our brand needed a significant refresh to accurately reflect our company’s new direction. Thus, our new logo now captures our revitalized vision.

Vesanique was created through the bilingual unification of
two words, with the combination meaning “unique sight.”

We based our verbal branding on this premise, exploring the impacts our copy could have on us internally and externally. Therefore, this conclusion led us to coin the slogan, “The Future Unfolding”. In branding, a slogan captures a brand’s core identity in a single sentence, shaping all future communications to come.

How Rebranding applies to your business

Brands are not static; they are constantly adapting to the changing rules of the marketplace. Hence, building and maintaining any brand, and its reputation requires an ongoing commitment to its core values and messaging. In short, consistency is key.

Plan photo of  Vesanique's blue name cards after rebranding
Plan photo of  Vesanique's purple name cards after rebranding
Side photo of  Vesanique's black name cards after rebranding
Back photo of  Vesanique's blue name cards after rebranding

Getting to know you better!

We have repositioned ourselves as a collaborative partner, providing personalised services, transforming brands and guiding them as they transition into their new identity. Collaboration underpins all that we do; we want to get to know you, and what makes your business tick. Because of that, we have repositioned ourselves as a collaborative partner, providing personalised services, transforming brands and guiding them as they transition into their new identity.

What sets us apart from other agencies?

While there are many digital agencies out there, it is hard to find a partner who acknowledges your business’s core competencies and needs and wants; a one-size-fits-all-package is a prevalent issue that plagues many industries.

Using a ground-up approach, Vesanique strategically looks at a business’s OKRs and works towards crafting a bespoke plan that recognises your individual needs, and where you want to go. Our team at Vesanique believes in fostering meaningful relationships with each and every client. Accordingly, we partner with you on a strategic level, ensuring continued success through ongoing, collaborative efforts.

What we DON’T DO

We do not chase money, we chase success for all partners involved.

Our key service offerings include:

  • Strategy and Planning
  • Branding and Design
  • Websites and Digital
  • Production and Content

This is a high-level overview of what Vesanique brings to the table.
For more information on what we offer, visit our Services page.

Suite of services page on Vesanique's sales brochure after rebranding

More than just rebranding:

We’re constantly looking for industry-leading ways to support our clients. We are always developing our ever-expanding partner network to offer a comprehensive package of unique digital options catered to all needs under the sun.

Furthermore, rebranding is one of the many tools in our arsenal of digital solutions. As a forward-thinking and tech-focused agency, we have acquired exclusive tools, systems, marketing opportunities and professional connections with key industries. Vesanique is not just a Brisbane brand agency; we’re also a web agency AND a design agency; we wear all the gloves in our business!

Above all, the cost of collaborating with our diverse team of knowledgeable experts is a mere fraction compared to hiring a team of full-time employees. Save your precious time and money, and let Vesanique elevate your brand to new heights!

We’re just a phone call or an email away. Let’s talk, don’t be a stranger.

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