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The Case for Copywriting: A Copywriter’s Perspective

As a copywriter, nothing is more career-affirming than reading compelling copy. Copywriting should be concise and readily understood, delivering and achieving its intended meaning and effect respectively.

Unfortunately, the domain of copywriting is frequently neglected. What you have to say speaks volumes about you and your brand. Badly conceived copy fails to convey your brand’s core offerings and mission at first glance, alienating your audience from you and your business. Inadvertently, you may find your target audience flocking in droves to patronise your competitors.

Therefore, today’s feature is centred on exploring the five fundamental values that captivating copy brings to the branding roundtable. Let’s take a behind-the-scenes look at my intrepid profession.

Copywriting? Please elaborate!

Allow me to take the stand, your honour!

Copywriting entails the writing of purposeful copy for virtually any audience or industry. Therefore, there are no defined limits to the fantastic world of copy! While there are countless copywriters who pigeonhole themselves in industry-specific niches (tender writing etc.), versatile copywriters who remain adaptable to countless circumstances are highly sought after.

Your website body copy, your advertising copy, and any email sequences/newsletters you’re developing — these are some of the countless responsibilities of a qualified copywriter. And it just so happens that I fall under that category!

What value does copy bring me? Convince me!

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It is an industry-wide misconception that marketing yields no monetary fruit, and is unfairly categorised as a cost centre. Instead, I would argue that marketing, including copywriting, produces a tacit value that no dollar figure could ever reflect (no, this is not my thinly-veiled attempt to pad my bottom line). Here are the five fundamental values that copywriting bolsters:

Reputation Building

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As a leading Brisbane brand agency, we steadfastly hold on to the belief that your brand is the lived reputation in your audience’s minds, and high-quality marketing supports it. For more information, visit our previous feature on the importance of branding.

Hence, every marketing effort should be consistent as it is outstanding. Unsurprisingly, copywriting falls under its purview!

Witty, tongue-in-cheek copy reflects a brand that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Formal, straight-to-point copy presents a company as strictly professional. How your written copy is structured or written determines how prospects visualise your brand’s personality. It all boils down to how you and your staff want to showcase your brand. Regardless, high-quality copy is an elegant means to fortify your brand’s positive reputation.

Sell, Sell and Sell

The infamous “sell me a pen” scene in the Wolf of Wall Street brilliantly captures copywriting’s primary goal, which is to sell your brand’s core deliverables. More often than not, consumers won’t consume all your written collateral.

A copywriter is a writer who copywrites copy for advertising, selling, manufacturing, government industries, marketing, websites, accounting….

This doesn’t exactly read well, now does it? Why would your customers pay for a service when they can’t understand what it is supposed to do? This proves that plain language trumps jargon-laden copy when it comes to expressing complex ideas.

For that reason, any perceived benefits that your product or service has over its competitors should be easily parsed out from your copy; keep your copy brief, and straight to the point. Sooner or later, you’ll notice a stream of clients trailing your brand.

Organic SEO Growth

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Your brand’s digital success rests on how high it ranks on Google. Thus, the provision of highly optimised, educational copy helps Google to define your website’s measured value. By embedding sound SEO practices into your website copy, you can maximise your website’s viewership in the digital environment.

Qualifying leads in the sales funnel

Lead Sales Funnel and Copywriting

Persuasive and robust website or ad copy plays a definitive role in the sales funnel, convincing prospects to purchase one of your core offerings.

For instance, imagine an avid bookworm thumbing through the sprawling shelves of a bookstore. He then commits to making the purchase at the cashier after he has fully decided on the book he likes. The allure of each bookshelf in the bookstore represents the top of the funnel, while the final purchase represents the bottom. To surmise, a sales funnel represents the steps taken by a lead before they become a customer.

In the digital marketing world, advertising across social media platforms and search engines comprises the top of the funnel. The bottom of the funnel is often located on your official website, where a sale is initiated. Therefore, any leads generated and redirected from other marketing channels can only be qualified once a sale takes place; a call-to-action copy strengthens your sales funnel and reduces bounce rates significantly.

All roads lead back to Vesanique

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As illustrated above, copywriting transmits that which can’t be seen, felt or heard about your brand. Emotive storytelling and powerful copy draw readers in, but dull and monochromatic copy drives them away.

As Vesanique’s dedicated copywriter, I am passionate about my profession and providing my clients with potent copy that achieves their objectives. Driven by a customer-centric approach, we want to understand the “why, what, when who and how’s” behind your business. By trawling through your brand’s history, we can generate meaningful and accurate copy that resonates with your target demographic.

Moreover, we’re a frontier-pushing web design agency that does not shy away from digital challenges. Informed by SEO best practices, we’ll tastefully embed high-ranking, keyword search terms. The final product is an excellent piece of copy that delivers on all fronts.

However, copywriting is a mere taste of what Vesanique has to offer. “We are a Brisbane Web Agency, Brisbane Design Agency and Brisbane Brand Agency…” we practically wear all the marketing gloves in the industry. Our all-encompassing approach covers all your traditional and digital marketing bases, from billboard advertising to exclusive website designs.

But wait, there’s more!

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Here’s a little something to sweeten the deal! The recent rollout of the Business Basics Grant (BBG) in Queensland is subsidising businesses to modernise their operations; website copy and other digital services are fully eligible under the grant. Read our previous article to learn more about its terms and conditions.

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Well, I hope this article achieves its intended purpose; a piece of convincing copy that convinces you that copy is worth its weight in gold. Quite the tongue twister, isn’t it? But we’d like to hear more about your business aspirations. Give us a ring, and we’ll set out a time to chat over a cup of coffee.

Let’s talk, don’t be a stranger! Or in this case, let’s write!

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