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Business Basics Grants Program (BBGP) Explained

The Business Basics Grants Program (BBGP) was designed by the Queensland Government to encourage local businesses to “increase core skills and adopt best practices”.

However, the BBGP is simply one of three grants in a package of “Small Business Grants”. Thus, the BBGP offers the lowest nominal value. So why bother? Because the BBGP symbolises the first watershed step on the journey toward fiscal success. Moreover, it forces business owners to deviate from an approach steeped in tradition, embracing modern solutions to overcome modern challenges.

With the February floods still fresh in our minds, the BBGP presents an excellent opportunity for small businesses to upskill staff and upgrade operations in these unprecedented times. With the BBGP set to be ready in a month’s time, business owners should not be looking this gift grant in the mouth!

This feature discusses the BBGP, what it is eligible for and what it is not, and Vesanique’s role in the grand scheme of the BBGP.

How the Business Basics Grants Program Works

Business Basics Grant Program Explained

Essentially, the BBGP’s primary goal is to subsidise and finance any of the following activities/practices:

  1. Training and coaching
  2. Website build or upgrades
  3. Professional business advice
  4. Strategic marketing services
  5. Business continuity and succession.

How much is the Business Basics Grants Program Worth?

The BBGP entitles business owners to a single, one-time payment of $5000. However, payments can only be made after the grant is approved. Furthermore, activities must be worth 5000 AUD or more to be eligible for the grant.

When can I apply for the Business Basics Grants?

The BBGP is available in consecutive funding rounds. Currently, the BBGP is in the pre-launch stage of Round 3, effectively opening at 9 am on 17 May 2022 across Southeast Queensland. In rural Queensland, round 3 opens at 9 am on 16 May 2022.

Traditionally, grants are allocated on a first-come-first-save basis. The BBGP is no exception and is likely to be just as competitive as previous iterations. In fact, history has shown us that grants can be fully allotted in sheer minutes! Given its highly competitive nature, we urge all business owners to submit their applications as early as possible, lest your competition beats you to the punch!

Where can I apply for the Business Basics Grants?

Businesses in South East Queensland (SEQ) can apply for the BBGP with the city council in its immediate vicinity. Conversely, businesses in Regional Queensland can apply for the BBGP outside of SEQ.

To determine the jurisdiction your business falls under, click here.

Redefine your Future with Vesanique

As Brisbane’s leading brand agency, our knowledgeable team has the digital agency expertise to implement several of the activities eligible for the BBGP:

Website build or upgrades

Your website is the digital hearth of your physical business. Hence, a poorly-optimised or designed website is a surefire way to chase precious website traffic from your business, tarnishing your reputation. To make matters worse, these effects could spill over into your physical business! These possible repercussions would be incredibly damaging to your business.

As a web design agency first and foremost, we see tremendous potential in website design, and we’d like to be the ones to tap into it! Firstly, our in-house website developers will conduct a definitive website audit, identifying areas that require reworking/restructuring. Accordingly, we will ensure that your finalised website is user-friendly with lightning-fast load times, adhering to SEO best-practice for exemplary search engine rankings.

Adding eCommerce

eCommerce is set to replace the retail space, as evidenced by its meteoric growth during the pandemic. Brands that downplay the significance of having a digital storefront have shot themselves in the foot! Today, every company should be able to meet the needs of its diverse clientele, both offline and online!

As a proud Shopify partner, Vesanique possesses the necessary skills to migrate your storefront to the digital domain. Our in-house web developer will customise your storefront to maximise online revenue streams, and retain audience interest!

Developing new website content

The content populating a website is just as important as the website itself. Vesanique’s in-house copywriter and digital marketing specialist are primed and ready to produce relevant visual and written copy that attracts, entices and delights digital audiences. Above all, the in-house production of content allows us to maintain consistent branding and tone across all marketing channels. To wit, quality content not only ranks better organically but also drives down bounce rates remarkably!

Search engine optimisation advice

Adopting an advisory role, Vesanique will mentor and educate your staff on SEO best-practice; the foundation of every successful online business. So rest assured, we’ll always be there to offer invaluable advice and assistance, ready to heed the call to SEO action!

Cybersecurity Training and Tools

Your online presence must remain as impregnable as a fortress, away from the prying eyes of nefarious hackers and malicious agents. With Vesanique’s state-of-the-art cybersecurity protocols, our layers of secure code will provide you with that ease of mind, knowing that your data repositories are resting in safe hands. Furthermore, our front-end and back-end developers will train your staff to confidently navigate our vast array of cybersecurity systems.

Now here’s the Kicker!

Actually, there are three kickers!

Firstly, the BBGP can be used in tandem with the recently announced Small Business Technology and Investment Boost (SBTAIB)! The combined value of both grants offers businesses significant outlays to scale operations! For more information, visit our previous feature explaining the ins and outs of the SBTAIB.

Secondly, the Australian Government is currently encouraging businesses to transition from .com to .com.au domain names. Today, Australian businesses are allowed to reserve their .au domain names by 22 September 2022. As luck would have it, making the shift is 100% eligible for BBGP funding! But here’s the icing on the cake: Vesanique can help you make the domain switch with ease.

And lastly, Vesanique’s comprehensive approach to branding encapsulates both digital and traditional realms, prescribing holistic solutions to contemporary problems. What we’ve discussed in this feature barely scratches beneath the surface of what Vesanique truly brings to the table. If you’re ready to elevate your business to daring new heights, look no further, for the answer is right in front of your very eyes!

But before you rush off to prep your application, you’ll need an official quote from us as part of your submission! Fret not, for we came prepared to assist you in your BBGP application! Simply fill out the requested details in the attached form, and one of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible with the required documentation.

Priding ourselves on our personalised and collaborative approach, we’ll determine which solutions best fit your needs together! Let’s talk, don’t be a stranger!

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