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Real Estate: Gold Mine for Automated Lead Generation

Are you looking for effective ways to identify individualised leads for growing your real estate business? The solution to that is simple: lead generation.

Your team is the bedrock of the real-estate business. As marketing consultants, their primary job is to identify, attract and service clients such as companies, lenders, photographers, and home inspectors. There is no real-estate business without your team. But the search costs tied to scouring for clients are remarkably high. Thankfully, automated lead generation eliminates those costs, and simplifies the entire client-search process.

Today, there is a huge boom in the property market, with Australian buyers cashed up from reduced spending during the lockdowns. The key to capitalising on that trend is centred on digital lead generation, and targeting the right audiences.

Therefore, the time is now to tap into this hyper-competitive market, and gain a first-mover advantage!

This blog post discusses lead generation strategies to significantly boost your conversion rates, allowing you to quash the competition with ease!

Sales Funnel Explained:

A cartoon representation of the sales funnel with office people throwing coins in a funnel

Consumers have never been more informed with search engines at their fingertips. This means that your audience knows what they are after. Consequently, they expect those needs to be met as soon as they jump right into the buying process.

For real estate agents, this is the highest hurdle when it comes to closing a deal. It is often the most drawn-out obstacle in snagging a sale. Using a strategic lead generation strategy saves you months of hard work, bringing you closer to securing a sale.

In any good relationship, both partners typically share similar interests. Similarly, a good real estate agent is one that constantly engages with one’s clients, earning their trust as they nudge them closer to making the big purchase.

The digital lead-generation process empowers real estate businesses to search and hyper-personalise targeted ads.

Thus, it is imperative for the real estate industry to leverage hyper-personalised, hyper-local content marketing to entice and attract relevant audiences.

So Why Lead Generation?

Lead generation process in a figure-8 pattern

Lead generation and management in real estate underscore the importance of the three-stage customer journey: awareness – consideration – decision. Each and every transaction happens for a reason. Understanding the customer journey allows you to understand and service your leads effectively.

Growing a start-up from scratch is incredibly challenging for the real estate industry, given its massive potential audience. Here, real-estate marketing automation software subverts the agent-customer relationship. Instead of searching for your clients, your clients search for you!

With a solid lead generation strategy engine in place, you no longer have to scramble to search for your next prospective client. Instead, you’ll have a digital pipeline providing you with a steady flow of clients. By automating repetitive marketing tasks, a fully functional lead-generation strategy saves you both time and money in the long run.

Lead the Way!

But like all trends, they don’t last long! The time is now for you to lead the real estate industry towards a digital transformation.

As a tech-focused agency at the forefront of the industry, Vesanique is ready to craft an innovative, lead-generation strategy to help you scale your real estate business!

As real-estate branding experts, our knowledgeable team at Vesanique has built a state-of-the-art lead generation model for many real-estate businesses such as Goldstone Properties. Each of our clients has a dedicated team of data analysts and strategists ready to assist you in your digital marketing endeavour. You can rest easy, knowing that you’re always in safe hands!

But before we begin this transformative journey, we would like to get to know you better. Book a virtual appointment with us, and we can work towards turning your real-estate business into an explosive success!

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