A modern approach to occupational therapy

Introducing OT Reports

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  • Website Design & Hosting
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  • IT Consulting
  • Office365 Email Migration

OT Reports is a Brisbane-based occupational therapy practice specialising in medicolegal and occupational healthcare assistance. The brand promotes an objective and evidence-based emphasis on providing medicolegal advice and personalised care both physically and remotely.

The burgeoning brand sought us to build a brand identity that epitomises and communicates those values to its prospective clients. They further requested we develop a capable website that allowed visitors to intuitively book appointments and the original visual and verbal content to populate it

Outcome A modern approach

OT Reports started as an undeveloped idea with unrealised potential, with no existing brand. Through the combined efforts of the Vesanique team, we constructed a brand identity that fully taps into that potential.

The unified and eye-catching design of the final brand identity leaves potential customers with a remarkable impression. The resulting brand identity system is visually compelling as it is meaningful, telling a contemporary story about the OT Report’s brand.

“Data-centred” Brand

Inspired by their emphasis on hard objectivity, we crafted a brand that conveys its future-forward focus and data-driven approach to its intended audience.  Using abstract geometrics and pixelated iconography, the newly-developed OT Reports’ brand translates those commitments into a personable and relatable identity. 

Captivating Copy

As part of OT Reports’ verbal branding, we developed customer-facing copy that is persuasive and educational to populate their new website. Our concise copy emphasises strict professionalism and ease of comprehension amongst digital visitors.

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