Every home is an iconic home

Introducing Iconic Estate Agents

  • Branding
  • Stationery and Branded Collateral
  • Agency Signage
  • Website Design and Hosting
  • CRM Integrations

IEA’s mission is founded on the principle of quality over quantity. This focus allows their agents to nurture better client relationships, exceptional service standards, and innovative pro-active marketing strategies. IEA offers a comprehensive suite of services, supported by a wealth of project and residential real estate experience.

The brand identity needed to emphasise the timeless nature of the properties they service, while also embodying a personal and relatable approach to their services. The brandmark was designed to represent this idea with visuals that are minimalistic and elegant, opting for a classic serif font to encapsulate the core concept of ‘timeless’. The monochromatic black and white colour palette further supports the appeal of the brand. For the supporting brand graphics, we borrowed the aesthetics of light entering a louvred window, casting light from a rising sun on a new journey.

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