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Sell More Online Come Christmas Time

Christmas festivities loom near! eCommerce businesses alike are tying their laces and strapping their boots, bracing themselves for the maelstrom of buying and selling; the calm before the storm as eCommerce branding activities ramp up!

Statistics from Finder show that Aussies plan to spend $17.3 billion on Christmas 2021.


The numbers speak for themselves. Australian consumerism knows no limits as Christmas time lingers close. Naturally, yuletide presents a wonderful opportunity for Australian businesses to sell thousands of products to generous gift-givers looking to impress their loved ones. Australia’s kindness and generosity know no limits!

But It’s Called A Season For A Reason?

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If only Christmas were an everyday occurrence. That’d make it too easy, now wouldn’t it?

Christmas is a 12-day event that spans the closing weeks of December, but the magnitude of this revered holiday calls for early preparations.

In 2021, a survey conducted by Finder found that 31% of Australians began shopping for presents and food early.

It may appear like a short-lived season, but the present arms race starts weeks earlier in anticipation of the Christmas chaos.

Given the sudden interest in product acquisition, consumer intent to buy is especially heightened. With that in mind, capitalising on these positive trends requires a “seasonal approach” to peddling your product wares. Consider integrating the following changes into your eCommerce sales strategy for the time being.

1. Plan Ahead! Fill Those Shelves Up

The potential profits Christmas rakes in are unparalleled. To meet this surge in demand, your coffers must be full of products, alongside the warehouse capacity to handle the influx of orders.

These are short-term losses to be undertaken for long-term gains. We suggest allocating a larger-than-modest sized budget for additional warehouse staffing, lest you find your hands tied!

2. Value Is Highly Valued

27% of Australians did their Christmas Shopping during the sales seasons.

Any digital and branding agency would tell you that perceived value is important, if not, more important than the actual value. Discount pricing strategies or freebies are value-adds that sweeten the commitment to purchase. Discounts signal to consumers that they are getting much more for much less. Organising sales campaigns that coincide with popular sales seasons (Black Friday, Cyber Monday etc.) is a wonderful way to extend your brand’s reach.

Customised, “you may like this” pages that emerge before checkout provide an extra layer for cross-promoting other items. Offering bundled discounts incentivises bulk-buying amongst consumers, letting them kill two birds with one stone (buying multiple presents for a lower price, to be exact).

3. Wrap It Up, Folks!

52% of American respondents cited a strong dislike of gift wrapping.

Unwrapping presents raises the joy of anticipation in the recipient, but the same can’t be said about wrapping. Wrapping is a tedious art that requires the forbearance of a Zen monk. Take it from someone who can’t wrap to save his life!

While the statistic above is by means reflective of the Australian market, the sentiment still stands. Offering complimentary gift-wrapping services is a considerable value-add; a little nudge on the shoulders to click pay on the checkout window.

4. Delivering The Merchandise

There are two types of Christmas shoppers: the early birds and the last-minute shoppers. The latter is operating under a time crunch, where time is of the essence. To cater to their habits for procrastination, brands can offer convenient express or one-day shipping options (for a premium price). The faster you can get products in their hands, the more sales you’ll secure.

Under exceptional circumstances, physically selling to customers via a stockist or exclusive pop-up store can mitigate potential delivery delays. Be wary though, this option is a costly one that needs cautious cost-benefit analysis.

But alas, there is one customer persona that we should not neglect: the globetrotter.

There are 7.6 million migrants living in Australia, with 29.8% of Australians born overseas.

COVID-19 has spotlighted their ability to consistently celebrate Christmas with their loved ones abroad. Carrying a “worldwide shipping” option bridges that perceived distance, enabling them to ship gifts beyond our national borders.

Offering a smattering of shipping options distinguishes you from your eCommerce competitors; an indirect signal to your competition that you mean serious business.

5. Give the Gift of Services

According to Afterpay, 84% of respondents would like a Gift Card for Christmas.

While you can’t tangibly grasp a “service” you would with a physical gift, meaningful experiences are forever. Services can be gifted through the purchase of exclusive gift cards or vouchers.

The added benefit of a gift card is flexibility. Recipients can choose the service they’d like to use or experience without being limited to choice.

Service providers need not feel left out during this summer solstice!

6. Make It Yours (Or Theirs)

Personalising online shopping through smart eCommerce web development humanises the entire experience. So does personalising a gift. Personalised embellishments, even something as simple as a personalised card, make a gift all the more heartfelt. The sincere smile that forms on a recipient’s face is a sight to behold.

During the eCommerce web development phase, give your customers the option to personalise a present/presents for friends and family.

Awareness Is Key

We’ve discussed efficient ways to sell well during the Christmas solstice, but how does selling take place if customers aren’t even aware of your brand’s existence? Selling is what follows after marketing.

Accruing brand awareness and equity begins far earlier before the holiday rush. Targeted advertising campaigns, informational social media posts, customer interactions, and a highly-optimised website — these are a few of the focal points in your brand’s digital presence.

The harmonious interplay between every digital touchpoint determines how prospects perceive your brand.

Looks Like Christmas Is Coming Early!?

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